RSGS Solar Power


About RSGS

About RSGS

Renewable energy. Solar panel system for hot water

RSGS Story

Switching Egypt to Sustainable Solar Power

RSGS (Red Sea Green Solutions) is a fast-growing Egyptian Joint Stock company that was founded in 2017. The company’s scope of business is in renewable energy and water sustainability. Our specialization covers the entire chain, starting from project development all the way to the operation and maintenance of solar power systems.

Facilitating Accessibility of Renewable Energy

to different sectors such as hotels, schools, hospitals, tourism, residences, factories, public buildings, and Non-profit and Governmental organizations via developing efficient and cost-effective integrated solutions.

Fully Integrated Turn-key Solutions

RSGS Has the ability to come in at any phase of the project. Regardless of what your energy is needed for, we will tailor a
solution for your specific need.

Features We Have Which Enhance Us

Leap to the future of Sustainability

RSGS believes that the importance of every technical detail and getting a clear bigger picture is equal. That is why we invest lots of time and effort into these technical details. Great challenges such as climate change, scarcity of fossil fuel, etc...  could be solved if we can use  renewable energy intelligently.

Residential Solar Cells

Industrial Plants

Commercial Buildings

Agricultural & Irrigation


End-To-End Solar Power Solutions

Future is Green Energy & Renewable Energy

Our Mission is to provide clean energy services and solutions that reinforce the development of a resource-efficient and energy-rich green economy. RSGS will do its best to help the Egyptian community and government to reduce CO2 emissions by emphasizing the crucial role of renewable energy.